Small Business Saturday Sale + New Mini Gift Sets

It's our biggest sale of the year!  Get 25% OFF everything NOW - Monday.  Shipping is FREE in the USA.  Here are some of our most gorgeous Small Business Saturday - Cyber Monday deals.



Deluxe Collections

  • Regular Price $69.00
  • This weekend, get them for $51.75

Above: Twice Shy Deluxe Collection
Grapefruit + Raspberry Fragrance
The Best Scent for Gift Giving!



New Mini Gift Sets

  • Regular Price: $25.00
  • This Weekend, get them for $18.75
Strawberry Sandalwood Mini Gift Set
Above: Ife Mini Gift Set
Strawberry + African Musk + Sandalwood Fragrance

Above: Sweet Sanura Mini Gift Set
Egyptian Musk + Sweet Orange Fragrance
The Top Selling Scent!


Above: Cruizee Mini Gift Set

Cucumber + Jasmine + Mint Tea Fragrance


Above: Once Bitten Mini Gift Set

Apple Blossom + Lime + Vanilla Fragrance


Above: Twice Shy Mini Gift Set

Grapefruit + Raspberry Fragrance

The Best Gift Giving Scent!

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