Behind The Brand

MBeze started with a product I needed—that nobody made...

While living in San Francisco, I worked long hours in the film and commercial industry for such companies as Lucasfilm, Ltd. and The Orphanage, Inc.  Having an active and social lifestyle outside of work, I was always on the go.  Making it a priority to still be able to freshen up, I wished I had a deodorant small enough to carry in my clutch when out with friends, or sneak in my pocket for freshening up at work.  I searched the market for years, but it didn't exist.

In 2007 I moved back to my roots in Wisconsin.  Instead of heading to Chicago to continue a career in film and commercial production, I took the opportunity to start my own business and create these products I wanted.  I got a test group together, and like the typical Midwesterner, I rolled up my sleeves and started formulating and designing a small, stylish deodorant myself.

Figuring out how to balance the PH in the deodorant almost killed me, but after much research and rounds of testing, MBeze launched in May of 2008 where the cult favorite Deodorettes and natural skincare line arrived on the scene.  Thank you to all of our customers, retailers, press, and vendors who have and continue to make MBeze flourish.

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Yours Truly,

Mary Beth Worzella

MBeze Founder & CEO

The Deodorette was created for days like these.  Taken August 2008 after a Cubs game in Chicago.  It was 98 degrees, but that didn't stop us from hitting all of our favorite places: Wrigleyville all afternoon, then dinner at Tanoshii (aka Sushi Mike's), next downtown to The Drawing Room, and finally finishing the night off at The Wieners Circle (you heard me).  All while smelling pretty by easily freshening up on the fly with the Deodorette hidden in my tiny clutch!  The perfect accessory for a fun, memorable day with friends!