Get The Best Legs On The Block + Giveaway!

Spring has sprung. Time to hussle your ass and get those legs summer ready.

Here are 3 simple things you can start doing now to get the best legs on the block in no time.

1. Dry Brush

When it comes to the common exfoliating scrubs on the market, I’m not a fan.  Sugar and salt scrubs exfoliate the palms of your hands (quite uncomfortably) more than they do your actual body, and then the rest of it ends up down the drain.  If you’re using a scrub with silicone beads in it, you’re being very unkind to fish and the environment.

When people ask me the best way to exfoliate their skin, my answer is very simple and very inexpensive… Dry brush.

Why Dry Brush?

  • One of the more obvious reasons, is it effectively removes dry, dull skin, thus revealing fresh, healthy skin.
  • It stimulates circulation, which helps eliminate toxins.  If you’re diligent about it, overtime this will help reduce cellulite.
  • By removing a layer of dead skin cells, it makes your moisturizer more effective and allows it to smooth on more easily.  This helps you use less product and saves you money!
  • Finally, it results in super smooth, baby soft skin.

Here’s How To Do It:

I recommend a natural or jute loofah pad (instead of a brush).  While in the palm of your hand, the pad forms to your skin better, thus covering a bigger area.  Plus, it has just the right texture for scrubbing comfortably, yet effectively while allowing you to apply the right amount of pressure.  The Body Benefits Loofah pictured below can be purchased at Ulta.  Any similar loofah will do the trick.


  • The best time to dry brush is right before you shower or bathe.  Do it in the tub before you turn the water on.
  • Brush in long, upward strokes towards your heart.  Start at your feet and work your way up to your shoulders, brushing your entire body.  Don’t forget the tops of your feet and hands!
  • Spend extra time on dry areas that are showing age, such as ankles, knees and elbows.  Spend even more time on areas where cellulite and sagging skin is an issue.
  • When finished, rinse your loofah and cleanse it with soap.  Once rinsed out well, I use the same loofah to shower and cleanse as usual.
  • The whole process should take you no more than 5 minutes.

2. Moisturize with Nourishing Body Oil

Why body oil and not lotion?  A natural body oil is going to give your legs a much smoother texture and healthy sheen that a lotion just can't do.  And if you dry brushed, you'll enjoy feeling it glide over your new, baby soft skin!

  • When your shower is complete, towel off and moisturize your entire body, liberally with the body oil.  Pay extra attention to your lower limbs, feet and knees, as these areas get really dry in the winter months, usually due to our skin constantly being covered with tight socks and leggings that suck the moisture right out.
  • For quicker application, apply liberally while your skin is still damp.
  • Any of our 8 Natural Bath + Body Oils, will give you amazing, nourishing, smooth skin, results.  For Spring, I recommend Aim To Be Pleased (Cherry Blossom + Sandalwood) and Once Bitten (Apple Blossom + Lime + Vanilla).

Aim To Be Pleased Natural Body OilOnce Bitten Natural Body Oil

    3. Add Resistance To Your Workout

    If you want quicker, more effective results to your health and fitness goals, just doing cardio isn't enough.  Add some resistance or strength training and in about 2 weeks, you'll see what I mean.  You don't need a gym membership or expensive equipment to achieve this either.  You can do it right at home.  Here's a great, quick workout to get you started on sculpting your legs:

    Get Slim Without The Gym: Butt & Leg Sculptors, by Fitness Magazine

     And Now for the GIVEAWAY! . . .

    * Two lucky winners will receive a large MBeze Natural Body Oil + 1 Loofah to help achieve great legs and smooth skin!  Here's how to enter:

    1. In the comments below, tell us which scent you'd like to win.

    2. If you're not already on our Exclusive Email List, sign up nowYou must be on our email list to win.

    3. Enter by Saturday, March 28.  The winners will be announced Sunday!

    That's it!  But we're not done yet.

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    Promo Code Expires Saturday, March 28



    Congratulations Kristin Abel & Tatiana Amato!  Thank you for playing, everyone, this was fun!  Stay tuned, we'll do another giveaway soon! xoxo, MB
    • liza vladyka says...

      already subscriber

      On Mar 23, 2015

    • liza vladyka says...

      once bitten

      On Mar 23, 2015

    • Laura says...

      I love Once Bitten!

      On Mar 23, 2015

    • Christina M. says...

      The ‘sweet sanura’ scent sounds amazing! I just started dry brushing, and I love it. <3 Thanks for the giveaway!

      On Mar 23, 2015

    • Lisa says...

      I’ve always been a Sweet Sanura or Ife fan, but lately Koko Haze has been on my fav list. It smells like summer and I’m ready for some warm weather!

      On Mar 23, 2015

    • Emily Tribula says...

      My favorite is Sweet Samura, I’ve been using it for years and absolutely love that scent! Looking forward to trying the dry brush technique thanks for giving the chance to win.

      On Mar 23, 2015

    • Tatiana says...

      I absolutely love all of your scents but if I have to choose one its Twice Shy! Smells like haven!
      Your products are ASWESOME and best part, they’re NATURAL!

      On Mar 23, 2015

    • Doris says...

      I would love to try Cruizee. I do dry brushing and my legs and body love it, but I need a good moisturizer for my legs.

      On Mar 22, 2015

    • Kara says...

      This really works! I love Cruizee and have been using your body oils for years. Thanks for the chance to win!

      On Mar 22, 2015

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